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So Stila brought out 4 palettes, Soul, Mind, Spirit and Body. I bought Soul.

I was so excited when I first saw this palette in January, the swatches looked perfect and when YouTubers like Claire Marshall, Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter started raving about this palette, it made me want it even more. Apart from the one thing that was putting me off this palette - the very very mixed (mostly bad) reviews. I um'd and ah'd for a couple of months and finally took the plunge...

And I'm not very impressed.

So let me start off by saying, the packing is so so perfect. The lid is gold and bottom is rose gold. It comes with a little lookbook type of thing and it had a cute little eyeshadow protector with the quote "Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul." by Saint Augustine.

The eyeshadows look gorgeous right? Yeah, I thought so too. They swatch really well too, as you will see a little further down the post. There is lots of sparkle and there's a good mix of warm and cool tones. But these are some of the least pigmented eyeshadows I've used in a long time. Kitten (far left, second row) is very very nice, but it is quite chunky. The matte black on the bottom row is one of the nicest blacks I've used. But does that justify spending £30 on this palette? Nuh uh. When worn on the eyes, they're quite patchy and takes a lot to build the colour up. The shimmer eyeshadows are either to chunky or the mattes are far too dry, there's no solid medium. As someone who suffers from psoriasis on their eyelids, this made my psoriasis flare up really bad because of how dry the eyeshadows are.

I apply a lot of eyeshadows with my fingers nowadays, and these eyeshadows just seem to stick to my fingers and not actually transfer onto my lid. I can usually pack a lot more colour on that way but this palette does not like that.

I really think you'd be better off buying a £6 Makeup Revolution palette or something. I think if you're after a 'barely there' make up look, this may be a good palette. But £30 to me seems like a waste of money. I'll keep using it for now and I may grow to like it, but for now it's not really my thing.

Stila make some amazing products from what I've tried (except their One Step Correct primer and this palette, they're a bit of a let down) but everything else is pretty fab.

I'm quite curious to see what their Spirit and Mind palettes are like but I can't bring myself to spend £60 on them especially if they're anything like this palette.

Sorry Stila, I still love you!

Let me know if you've used this palette or any of the other 3 palettes.

That's all for now,
Rachel. xo

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  1. I think the MUA palette's are great too, I begrudge spending money on expensive makeup i have to test everything to death before i buy haha. Thanks for the review :)

    Jennifer's Journal x

  2. (Last comment didn't send so sorry if I've sent this twice!)

    This has happened to me on many occasions before. It's disappointing because when you drop a lot of money on something, you expect a good product. I once bought a rather expensive NARS foundation which someone highly recommended, but it was completely wrong for my skin type and I never really used it. Sigh.

    First time to your blog by the way...hello from one anxious lady to another!