Now I'm a huge fan of the Sugar Crush range by Soap and Glory. I was in dire need of a back up of my beloved Sugar Crush body wash and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer Boots were having and noticed a couple of new products in the range, the Sugar Crush body spray and Sugar Crush hand cleansing gel.

Sugar Crush Body Wash

I feel like everyone and their mother in the blogging world has mentioned this at least once, it's a bit of a cult classic if you're a fan of sweet citrus scents. So first off, you get a massive bottle of the stuff. I can usually make this last for a good 6 months before I need to buy another. This is definitely a morning shower scent, it definitely wakes you up. The scent lingers for a long time, so you smell like a human lime for the rest of the day (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.) It's easily my favourite body wash ever and isn't the packaging just so cute?!

RRP: £6.50 and is available at Boots

Sugar Crush Body Spray

First off, the bottle is so cute looking. Secondly, this smells absolutely divine, although it's definitely not as strong as the body wash and the hand gel, which I think I would have preferred for a body spray, it doesn't smell as limey as the other two products either which was quite a disappointment. They do however have a new 100ml bottle of Sweet Lime and Vanilla Musk within the range, which is definitey on my wishlist. Nevertheless, this spray's nice for a little spritz.

RRP: £4 and is available at Boots.

Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel

This is definitely my favourite of the two new products, I'm obsessed with hand sanitisers, I usually have three in my bag at a time (all different scents, of course.) And boy does this smell citrusy, I made the mistake of putting this on on the bus and it's all anyone could smell for the following 15 minutes. I find that a lot of hand sanitisers dry my hands out but this one is lovely. Although one little niggle, a lot comes out when you squeeze it, I've nearly used up most the bottle and I've only had it for a week, okay, I use it a lot but that's besides the point. It comes in a generous 50ml sized bottle and it's really affordable. 

RRP: £2.50 and is available at Boots.

Let me know what your favourite Soap and Glory products are.

That's all for now,
Rachel. XO

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  1. I LOVE the Sugar Crush range! I've owned the shower gel in the past, as well as the scrub and they're both two of my favourite things. I recently saw that they brought out the hand sanitizer, and now I NEED it in my life! I might pick it up for when I go on holiday to keep in my handbag. :P