This holiday release from Nars really appealed to me, because 1) I've missed out on every limited edition cheek palette that they've released so far. 2) I'm very much into quirky packaging. Doesn't get much quirkier than this. 3) All of the blush shades are gorgeous.

So Nars has teamed up with fashion photographer, Steven Klein for their holiday releases. The packaging of all of the sets is amazing (in their own weird way.)

Of course, this is limited edition, unfortunately. So you may want to try and get your hands on it before it sells out for Christmas.

So let's get into the palette itself.

(L to R - Paloma I: 3.5g, Paloma II: 3.5g, Laguna: 8.5g, Robotic: 3.5g, Blasphemy: 3.5g, Luster: 3.5g, Dolce Vita: 3.5g)
So this palette retails for £49 with an overall estimated value of £125.

I'm so pleased that Nars chose to include a contour blush duo in this palette, as I'm not really a blush wearer, but that kind of sold this palette for me. I'm also really pleased that you get a larger than average size of Laguna.

The blushes are the perfect shades for me. Pinky, mauvey blushes are what I gravitate towards. (Admittedly, the peachy-gold shade, Luster, will probably never be worn on my cheeks, makes a lovely eyeshadow though!)

All of the shades in this palette are the perfect amount of pigmented, like you can tap your brush into the pans and get a nice wash of colour but you'll never look like you've overdone it. (Except Paloma II, the cooler contour shade, beware, apply too much and you will look like you've splattered mud over your cheeks.)

You never really find yourself having to top up on blush throughout the day, we all know how long-lasting Nars' blushes are.

Paloma II (second top row) and Dolce Vita (fourth bottom row) are my favourite shades in this palette.

I think this is an amazing price, especially if you're wanting to try out some Nars cheek products. I meann, you're looking at spending roughly £20 per full-size blush (1 gram more than included in this palette) so to get 4 blushes is sort of insane.

I definitely think this is worth it for the amount of product you're getting. I'd give it a solid 8/10.
I'm obsessed.

That's all for now,
Rachel. XO

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